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Indian Head Massage 

Indian Head Massage is a Complementary Therapy and focuses on holistic care, concentrating on maintaining and improving health rather than just treating pain and disease.  

Indian Head Massage is one of the most accessible holistic treatments available as it requires no undressing or use of specialist equipment.  The client will remain seated and fully clothed.  The therapist will stand behind or slightly to the side of the client  to perform the massage.  

As the name suggests the massage is not only on the head, the treatment also works on the shoulders, arms, neck and face relieving tension that builds up in these areas due to poor posture as well as emotional and physical stress.  Following an Indian Head Massage treatment clients describe feeling completely relaxed or newly invigorated.   

**For an extremely relaxing a overall beautiful treatment Indian Head Massage with Crystals has become a more popular choice.  Where you will have an Indian Head Massage for approximately 30 minutes followed by a Crystal Therapy Treatment to fully relax and balance the whole body. The treatment takes **approximately 120 minutes. 

45 mins - Indian Head Massage Treatment includes Chakra Balance : £35

120 mins - Indian Head Massage Treatment with Full Crystal Layout : £70

60 mins - Indian Head Massage and Shirodhara: £55

75 - 90 mins - Indian Head Massage and Marma Therapy: £75

90 mins+ Indian Head Massage, Marma Therapy and Shirodhara: £95

Indian Head Massage IMPROVES:

Joint mobility and flexibility in shoulders, neck and arms


Immune system

Mental Capacity and Alertness

Condition of hair

Indian Head Massage RELIEVES:

Tension and Anxiety 


Headaches and Migraines 




Please ensure that a minimum of 24 hours is given when cancelling an appointment, otherwise a half charge will be made. 

Please allow plenty of time with your first appointment as a free consultation will be carried out to ensure that you get the right treatment suitable for you. 

Marma Therapy

Marma Therapy can be incorporated as part of your Indian Head Massage Treatment.  Marma Therapy is an important part of Ayurveda that helps to maintain health.  There are 107 Marma points on the body.  37 points are on the head and neck.  A light pressure is applied to each of the 37 points during the Marma treatment.  This removes blockages giving physical, psychological relaxation and strength.  

Regular sessions of Indian Head Massage will result in a number of health benefits and a course of treatments may be advised (which can be booked in advance at a reduced rate if 3 or more treatments are required).