Balancing your emotional, spiritual and

physical well-being.

Balancing your emotional, physical and spiritual


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What my Crystal Therapy clients have to say............

I have regular crystal treatments with Karen and it has helped me a lot to reduce my aches and pains. 

Thank you Karen for such a relaxing treatment.  I felt so much better afterwards.  My energy levels improved.  I felt a lot less stressed than I have been for a long time.  J. Kinver.

Karen immediately puts you at ease and explains what your treatment will involve.  She chooses crystals based on your symptoms to use during the relaxing, comfortable session.  You leave feeling relaxed and grounded.  Highly recommended. J. Bewdley.

I remember feeling a little apprehensive and sceptical but after the session I definitely felt a feeling of calm and serenity, a sort of recharge for body and soul really.  P. Stourport on Severn.

Karen has a naturally calming aura and sympathetic nature.  She gave clear explanations of the crystal treatment before we started and how the various crystals rebalance the body and mind.  The time spent with Karen out of my hectic family life felt like proper "me time" and relaxed me. C. Hartlebury.

What my Meditation Workshops Clients have to say.........

My favourite workshop was the Selenite the Light Bringer, after I had purchased a Selenite pendant from you I realised how much I connected with it. I can remember feeling such energy but peaceful calming energy. I felt very emotional and moved by the meditation and the journey I went on ..... and very joyous!   T. Stourbridge

Treatments Available:

An half an hour Energiser Treatment: £30

This treatment boosts your energy levels if your feeling tired and run down.

Energy Points Balance: £25

This treatment involves checking your energy points and setting them back into balance.

Full Crystal Layout (approximately 1 hour and 30 mins): £45

This treatment includes balancing your energy points, full body crystal layout including energetic layers  

and relaxation.

Deep relaxing treatment: £30

This involves crystals being placed on and around the body to bring about complete relaxation.

Crystal Reiki Treatment: £75

Full Crystal Layout and Energy Field Alignment with additional Reiki energy. 


Please ensure that a minimum of 48 hours is given when cancelling an appointment, otherwise a half charge will be made. 

Please allow plenty of time with your first appointment as a free consultation will be carried out to ensure that you get the right treatment suitable for you.