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Crystal Therapy is a complementary therapy that may be used in confidence alongside orthodox healthcare. Crystals are placed on and around the body whilst fully clothed. 

Crystal Therapy treats the person as a whole. Paying equal attention to the emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. 

What can Crystal Therapy do for you?

A Crystal Therapy treatment treats the person as a whole. Paying equal attention to the emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

A treatment can relieve stress and anxiety. A treatment can reduce fatigue, irritability and improve your sleep. A crystal treatment can also increase your energy levels and can alleviate many symptoms as a result of our hectic lifestyles.

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Your Body has

7 Energy Points

Each Energy Point when working correctly balances our bodies.

When one or more energy points are not working we start to feel tired, imbalanced and generally feel unwell.

When beginning your full layout crystal therapy treatment, I assess whether your energy points are working correctly and if not begin balancing your energy points using crystals placed on the energy points.  This forms the basis of the crystal therapy treatment.

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What is the Human Energy Field

and how does it work?

Your body has an energy that surrounds and extends beyond your physical body, this is your human energy field.  To maintain balance and well-being the crystal treatment may involve working on your energy layers using crystals to remove blockages and negative energy.  When the treatment is completed you will feel relaxed, rejuvenated, balanced and have an overall sense of well being.

The number of treatments required to achieve the level of healing needed will vary for each person.

*Full crystal layout available at £40 per session.

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